Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adventures of a Sunday Morning

Every week I check the sales at the craft/needlework stores to see if there is anything I 'need'. Oh, wonderful, a Columbus Day Weekend sale of DMC at ACMoore...6 for $1. Off to the storage bag to see what colors are low or missing (probably in some kitted up of many), make a list, which actually got quite long and planned a trip to the store. If I need more than one thread I can justify a trip (about a 10 minute drive) to the store.

Sunday morning about 10 AM I figured was a good time to head out. I didn't think traffic would be a problem.

There are two ways to go from my house to the closest ACMoore. I can go on Business Route 1 which has many traffic lights or I can get on the new Route 1 which is limited access but after you get off there are a few traffic lights. When that exit was planned traffic was light and so the exit is NOT a full interchange, but has traffic lights and involves left turns. Since the planning stage of that interchange, three shopping centers have been built in that area, so the exits, during rush hour are a nightmare. Well, we all know that Sunday morning at 10 AM is in no way RUSH HOUR. Right?

WRONG! I cruise down the limited access road....yes, that is the way I chose to go....and when I get to the exit, which is about 1/2 mile long it was full of cars. Took 4 cycles of the traffic light to make the left turn. Then each of the next three lights took upwards of 3 cycles to get through.I was getting off the southbound side. While I was waiting at one of the intermidable cycles of the traffic lights I glanced over at the northbound exit. Traffic was backed up at least 2 miles.

What is going on? Then into my head popped this thought....This many people cannot possibly being going to ACMoores's sale on DMC....6 or $1. Then I started to notice where the cars were from....New York,(this is Pennsylvania we are in, waiting for the traffic lights to turn green), New Jersey, Delaware. People are NOT going to drive from NY to PA for a sale on DMC thread....6 for $1. How very narrow minded of me.....Of course they are not going to travel through that far for a sale on DMC thread.....6 for $1.

To make a long story even was Columbus Day Weekend....and Sesame Place, which backs up on the shopping center where the sale was being held, was having a 'do'. People were coming from all over to go to Sesame Place.....not ACMoore for the sale on DMC....6 for $1.

Silly me....

Who was to know.....

When I got to the store it turns out I was the only person who seemed to be buying DMC thread.....6 or $1...and the bins of thread weren't even running low....